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The MagnetPouch requires 2 things to make professional quality magnets.

1) Quality Heated Roller Pouch Laminator designed for running photographs
2) Printed Sheet or Photograph

Whether you are a print shop owner who needs a 100 business card magnets, a photographer showing your quality work or a school teacher wanting to send home
a child’s drawing for an upcoming holiday, our MagnetPouch gives you the ability to make quality magnets fast.

Our Patent Pending MagnetPouch is like a traditional laminating pouch in its construction. There is heat activated adhesive on the interior of the film & magnet. To make a magnet, simply insert your printed sheet or photo between the two layers of the pouch, place the pouch inside the provided carrier, feed this through a pouch laminator & you will have a professional quality magnet.


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Simply place your printed paper or a photograph between the layers of the MagnetPouch. Insert the MagnetPouch into the provided carrier & run it through a heated pouch laminator. Be sure to run the MagnetPouches sealed edge as the leading edge into the machine.


  • A heated roller, pouch laminator designed for laminating photographs is recommended.
  • Economical pouch laminators, having less than 6 rolls, can be used but, the MagnetPouch may require SEVERAL passes to complete the laminating/mounting process.
  • Always use a Carrier Sheet provided by Failure to use a Carrier Sheet may damage your pouch laminator.
  • Card stock over 14pt thick is not recommended.


  • For best results, fully preheat your pouch laminator prior to running a MagnetPouch.
  • Set the temperature of your pouch laminator on high. (270-290°f)
  • Run your pouch laminator at its slowest speed.
  • MagnetPouch is designed for 3.5×2” paper. Multiple pieces of paper/photographs can be inserted in the MagnetPouch but fine wrinkles may occur.
  • To insure flat magnets, remove the magnet from the carrier immediately after it exits the pouch laminator. Place the magnet on a flat surface for cooling.
  • The MagnetPouch product runs differently on the wide variety of pouch laminators in the marketplace. You may need to try different settings based on your particular machine.


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