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After many request, our Car MagnetPouch is finally available!

Are you ready to enter the LUCRATIVE world of car signage? There is no simpler way to make car graphics “Fast & Easy”. Print your base synthetic sheet, place it into our Car MagnetPouch, pass it through your pouch laminator and Cha Ching…you are in the Car graphics industry!

Our Car MagnetPouch is composed of a High Energy magnet on the back & a Matte finish, UV inhibiting film on the front. These baby’s are strong & beautiful when finished. Stop saying NO to inquires about car magnet signs or outsourcing to another vendor. Start saying YES to satisfied customers and to a new stream of income!

Just a few applications…Political Signs, Realtors, Insurance Agents, Plumbers, Electricians, Food Service, Parade Signs, School Carpool or Caravan Signs…This MagnetPouch is also an economical way to change signage on any metal surface!

The Car MagnetPouch is also perfect for In Plant print shops needing to produce signage in a hurry!

For short term use, a printed paper sheet is acceptable.

PLEASE NOTE: Most synthetic base sheets tend to act as an insulator & conduct heat at a slower pace. If you are using a SYNTHETIC base sheet, it is imperative to have full heat between the back of the sheet & the inside of the magnet. Several passes through your pouch laminator at a slow speed may be required.


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Simply place your printed paper or a photograph between the layers of the MagnetPouch. Insert the MagnetPouch into the provided carrier & run it through a heated pouch laminator. Be sure to run the MagnetPouches sealed edge as the leading edge into the machine.


Please follow these instructions to protect your vehicle from potential damage and to increase the life of your magnet sign.

  • Both the vehicle’s surface and the back of the magnet should be clean and dry. The vehicle should be waxed prior to applying the magnet sign.
  • When applying the magnet sign, please insure the entire surface of the magnet is applied completely against the vehicle with no air pockets underneath. The magnet sign should be applied on a single panel, crossing over panels may allow for air to separate the magnet from the vehicle’s surface.
  • In winter months, the temperature of the magnet sign should be 50+ degrees during installation. The temperature of the vehicle does not matter.
  • Special care should be taken if you are applying the magnet sign over Wood Grain Paneling or Metallic finishes. Please check these surfaces weekly to detect any potential damage. Applying a coat of wax to the vehicle and also the back of the magnet sign will help prevent damage.
  • Remove the magnet sign weekly, dry both the vehicle and the back of the magnet. In warmer humid climates, we recommend doing this every 3 days. A clean dry area between the back of the sign and the surface of the vehicle will greatly diminish the risk of damage.
  • Remove the magnet sign after rain or snow and wipe it dry.
  • Remove the magnet sign prior to going through a car wash.
  • Proper magnetic adhesion may be impossible on vehicles possessing multiple layers of paint or excessive body work.
  • There is no warranty, expressed or implied, against loss of the magnet sign or damage to vehicle surfaces. The manufacturer has no control over how magnet signs are cared for, altered, stored, and/or used; nor the surface to which the magnet signs are applied.


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